Caravan & Motorhome Club - 'Space Camp April Fools'
Role: Editor | Agency: Titled Media | Online Content
A video produced for CAMC for their 2023 April Fools prank - first released was an announcement video (below) of CAMC's first camp site on the moon, Tranquility Base Club Campsite. Featured was Director General of the Club Nick Lomas wearing a full spacesuit (the costume used in David Bowie's Blackstar music video), ostensibly speaking to us from the moon. In cameos, Marina Sirtis, who plays Deanna Troi in Star Trek, and TV presenter Matt Allwright (Watchdog, Rogue Traders) congratulate the Club on their exciting new venture.
In the second video that followed it up (above), it was revealed to be a greenscreen, and in fact Nick was not on the moon, but in the Sahara desert. This allowed the video to be a tie-in with Bailey's epic Sahara Challenge documentary, which was in progress at the same time and CAMC was participating in. This is a 20-minute documentary produced for Bailey of Bristol to chart their epic journey from Bristol to the Sahara Desert and back in their caravans.

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