Bot Girl Gone - Dance Film
Format: Dance Film
Role: Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Year: 2023
‘Bot Girl Gone’ is a dance film that unwraps the dehumanisation caused by trolling and cyberbullying. Focussing through an emotional lens, the portrayal explores our response to, technological worlds, reality, illusions and money.
Film funded by Solihull Council and in collaboration with Keneish Dance.
The Veil
Format: Short Film
Role: Director
Year: 2018
Shaken by the sudden death of her husband, Maria is taken by her lover James to his remote home in the countryside. The house is cold and uninviting, and encircled by an overgrown forest. As James tries to entice her into starting anew with him, a sense of overwhelming dread takes ahold of Maria. She starts to think that something out there is watching her.
The Veil won the Audience Award at the LUMA Film Festival 2018, and Best Camerawork at Royal Television Society Yorkshire Awards 2019.

Garden of Paradise
Format: Short Film
Role: Producer, Director, Cinematographer
Year: 2020
Dave has accepted his fate. His wife's left him, and he's lost his job. He's consigned himself to live out his days in gloomy solitude, until an old friend arrives out of the blue, carrying a box of old vinyl records. Hearing the psychedelic sounds that embodied his youth, something stirs deep within Dave that he thought was lost forever...
 A film about purpose, nostalgia, and prog rock.

Easy Days - Metamorphosis
Format: Music Video
Role: Producer, Director, Cinematographer & Editor
Year: 2020
A music video produced for a single from Bolton-based artist Easy Days. His music is an eclectic mix of old-school hip-hop, jazz and neo-soul.
The music video for 'Metamorphosis' shows an artist trapped between two worlds - the doldrums of his daily life, and a dreamscape in which he attempts to break free from stasis.

Format: Short Film
Role: Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Year: 2020
A short film that was entirely self-produced. I wrote, casted, directed, shot and edited the film.
A saxophonist learns of the death of his closest loved one. In a single scene, he pours out his soul alone in a rehearsal room with a twisted, beautiful sax solo.

Format: Short Film
Role: Producer, Director
Year: 2018
A young man wakes up, bleeding to death from a stab wound. Adrenaline courses through his veins, and he staggers along empty streets, searching for help. Alone and fading, he faces his death in his last breaths.

Format: Short Film
Role: Producer, Director
Year: 2017
A retiring businessman struggles to keep his car on the road as his ego enters a state of collapse.

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